"Since we installed the system 6 years ago,
we have increased sales by over 400%."
Tom Geolat, NextGen Information Services

Force One Talent

We employ our own teams of trainers that are fully conversant with all aspects of our software. Their prime responsibility is to instruct your staff on how to achieve the ultimate performance from your system.

Initially, they will work with you to co-ordinate a schedule of relevant training that can be held at a location of your choice. Training begins with an overview of your system's functionality and the navigational tools needed to familiarize your staff with the user environment.

Our trainers use live data and practical situations in order to give a thorough and practical understanding of the system. Your input will be welcomed to help make the training more closely relate to your company.

The training is delivered in a modular fashion allowing you to tailor them to meet your needs. In addition, we provide our clients with, seminars, and workshops designed to ensure that your people can take advantage of all the features our system offer.