"Since we installed the system 6 years ago,
we have increased sales by over 400%."
Tom Geolat, NextGen Information Services

Force One Staffing is the premier Front Office System for staffing companies and consulting agencies. The system is designed and developed by people who are in the staffing industry with intimate knowledge of this business. The system combines all the elements of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with a powerful Customer Relationships Management (CRM) system and provides the user with a Job Order Management (JOM) system. The Force One Staffing system contain extensive reporting, tracking and auditing features, all linked and combined into one powerful front office package.

The system utilizes the Microsoft Outlook paradigm so there is virtually no learning curve. If you know how to use Microsoft Outlook, you know how to use Force One Staffing.

Force One Staffing is built using Microsoft .NET technologies and utilizes the Microsoft SQL Server as its data base storage.

General Features of Force One Staffing
Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Customer Relationships Management (CRM)
Job Order Management (JOM)
Management Reporting
Auto Processes
Architecture and Technical


Browser-based Force One Talent is nearing Alpha testing. Please contact us for more details of thie exciting new product.